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RECTORSHIELD is a heat absorption paste for use on copper and other types of metal pipe to help prevent damage to sensitive controls, valves, plastic faucet parts, equipment, and other soldered connections.

It greatly reduces heat transfer by absorbing thermal energy from the heat and flames during soldering, brazing or welding.

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  • In comparison tests, RECTORSHIELD(TM) kept the protected side an average 22% cooler than other brands
  • Works on copper, aluminum or iron and is noncorrosive
  • Smooth and easy to apply paste formula
    • For use with propane, acetylene, Mapp gases, etc.
  • Does not splatter, drip, crack, dry out or separate and stays in place during heating
    • May be used after being frozen and then thawed
    • Safe to use, non-staining, and easy to clean up
    • Odorless - no offensive fumes
    • Biodegradable and safe for the environment

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    RECTORSHIELD is a smooth, easy to apply paste that is non-corrosive and can be used on all types of metal piping systems. It works well with most types of heat sources, including propane, Mapp gas, natural gas, and acetylene.

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    Code Size Qty. Per Case Lbs. per Case Cu. Ft Per Case
    83554 11 oz. display carton (312 g) 24 tubes* 18 .81

    * Two display cartons of 12 tubes each per case

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    1. If product becomes frozen, bring to room temperature before applying. Close container tightly when not in use.

    2. Apply a liberal amount of paste completely around the metal pipe as close as possible to the work area and between the heat source and the items to be protected. FOR BEST RESULTS, SMOOTH OUT THE PASTE INTO A THICK, SOLID LAYER WITH NO POCKETS, GAPS OR VOIDS. Certain applications may require more paste than others depending on temperature, thickness, and time for heat to be absorbed.

    3. Then complete soldering, brazing, or welding operation.

    4. Remove excess paste with water or a damp rag when finished.

    For additional technical information, call Toll Free 1-800-231-3345.

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    CALL CHEMTREC - DAY OR NIGHT 1-800-424-9300

    FIRST AID: For any overexposure, get immediate medical attention after first aid is given. Eyes - Flush 15 minutes with clean water. Ingestion - DO NOT INDUCE VOMITING. Only if conscious, give two glasses of milk or water. FIRE AND SPILLS: For fire, use water fog, CO2, foam, or dry chemicals. Wipe up spills to prevent footing hazard. STORAGE AND HANDLING: Store in cool, well ventilated area. Keep container upright and tightly closed. Do not reuse empty container. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.

    For additional information, refer to Material Safety Data Sheet.

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    Wt/Gal @ 77 degree F 8.8 +- .5 lbs/gal.
    Flash Point SETA CC None
    Color Tan
    Shelf Life 2 years minimum
    Application Temperature Above 35 degree F

    Suggestions and recommendations covering the use of our products are based on our past experience and laboratory findings. However, as we have no control as to the methods and conditions of application, we only assume responsibility for the uniformity of our products within manufacturing tolerances.

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    RectorSeal® makes the Limited Express Warranty that when the instructions for storage and handling of our products are followed we warrant our products to be free from defects. THIS LIMITED EXPRESS WARRANTY IS EXPRESSLY IN LIEU OF ANY OTHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTIES, INCLUDING ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, AND OF ANY OTHER OBLIGATION ON THE PART OF RECTORSEAL®. The sole remedy for breach of the Limited Express Warranty shall be the refund of the purchase price. All other liability is negated and disclaimed, and RectorSeal® shall not be liable for incidental or consequential damages.

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    Toll-free 800-231-3345 • Fax 800-441-0051