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FIRESTOP 101: Basic Firestop Training

To earn a certificate in firestop training follow these easy steps

  1. Click “sign up
  2. Fill in your first name, last name, e-mail, select your country, language, photo (optional), what you would like your login to be, type the password you will use to login, and type it in again for verification.
  3. Once at “student home”, on the left navigation select “course catalogue”
  4. Then select “Basic Installer Knowledge”
  5. Then select “Firestop 101: Basic Firestop Training”
  6. Click “Subscribe Now!”
  7. Select “Go to course”
  8. Select “Start Lessons”
  9. Read over the lesson carefully
  10. When you are done, select “start test”
  11. If you pass, you will be given an option to “View PDF Certificate”, select that
  12. Print
  13. You are now certified in basic firestop training!