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NOVENT® locking caps

NOVENT® locking caps seal standard Schraeder service valves on all central AC units and minisplits to help prevent refrigerant leakage. Novent provides dual protection with a single screw-on installation. Safe guard your AC system's efficiency and the environment from lost or accidental mixing of refrigerant gases. Help protect children from serious injury or death resulting from the inhalation of dangerous refrigerants.

Patented Novent Caps are precision machined from high grade brass surrounded by a protective aluminum shroud and can only be installed and removed with a special tool.

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Coil Cleaners & Brighteners 


Con-Coil™ is a foaming cleaner and brightener for finned air cooled condenser coils and electronic air filters. Adhering foam lifts insulating contaminants and dulling oxide film, floating them out of inaccessible areas in less than 5 minutes. Leaves aluminum and copper insulation-free and bright as new.


Renewz is a non-acid high foaming cleaner and brightener for air cooled condenser coils. Leaves aluminum bright, shiny, and clean in less than 5 minutes. Removes cooking grease. Heavy foaming action floats all loosened material out of inaccessible areas. Cleans electronic air filters too.

*83795 Product sold internationally only.


Coil-Rite™ is a self-rinsing cleaner and degreaser for evaporator and condenser coils, air conditioning and air handling equipment, electronic and permanent air filters. Lifts grime and oil from normally inaccessible places. Non-acid. Non-Flammable.


Foam-A-Coil™ is a foaming biodegradable cleaner and degreaser for evaporator and condenser coils, air conditioning, and air handling equipment, electronic and permanent air filters. Available in aerosol for window units, ice machines, and small refrigerated equipment. Adhering foam lifts grime and oil from normally inaccessible places. Non-acid. Non-Flammable. Environmentally responsible.

K.O. Dirt Blaster™

K.O. Dirt Blaster™ is a high pressure cleaner and degreaser for small condenser coils found in restaurant and food service refrigeration, air conditioners, electrical and mechanical equipment. Strips off dirt and cooking grease without a water rinse. Quick drying safety solvent with pleasant scent. High dielectric strength. Non-Flammable.


Clean-N-Safe™; non-acid, non-caustic coil cleaner is a safe to use, environmentally friendly coil cleaner that effectively powers off dirt with a deep cleaning foam from air conditioning, refrigeration and heat pump coils.

*82643 Product sold internationally only.

Coil Disinfectant (Sold Internationally Only)

Coil Disinfectant is a one-step multipurpose, neutral pH, germicidal detergent and deodorant. Effective against Legionella pneumphilia, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus and Streptococcus faecalis. 

Coil Disninfectant is a disinfectant cleaner that disinfects, cleans and deodorizes in one labor saving step. Disinfects, cleans and deodorizes the following hard, nonporous surfaces: floors, walls, metal surfaces, stainless steel surfaces, glazed porcelain and plastic surfaces. Recommended for use in hospitals, nursing homes, schools, commercial and industrial institutions, office buildings, airports, hotels and households. 


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