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NOVENT® locking caps

NOVENT® locking caps seal standard Schraeder service valves on all central AC units and minisplits to help prevent refrigerant leakage. Novent provides dual protection with a single screw-on installation. Safe guard your AC system's efficiency and the environment from lost or accidental mixing of refrigerant gases. Help protect children from serious injury or death resulting from the inhalation of dangerous refrigerants.

Patented Novent Caps are precision machined from high grade brass surrounded by a protective aluminum shroud and can only be installed and removed with a special tool.

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Condensate Overflow Control Products

Safe-T-Switch® offers the most reliable condensate overflow control switches on the market. Safe-T-Switch® products detect clogged air conditioner condensate drains and shut off the system, preventing water damage, to floors, walls and ceilings.With models to fit most types of installations and code requirements, these switches from RectorSeal® are mistake proof, easy to install and simple to service. They are tested to UL508.

Safe-T-Switch SS1

Inline, low voltage condensate overflow shutoff switch. Installs vertically or horizontally in primary drain or can be plugged on auxilliary pans. Pre-wired with 4-foot, 18 AWG wires. U.S. Patent 6,442,955.

Safe-T-Switch SS2

Smaller, L-Shaped switch installs on auxiliary pan outlets and requires no plug. Installs easily in tight spaces and catches clogs in primary pan outlet nipples. Pre-wired with 4-foot 18 AWG wires. U.S. Patent 6,442,955.

Safe-T-Switch SS3

For installation on safety drain pans. Features a special metal clip, designed for quick secure installation on pan rims. U.S. Patent 6,698,215.

Safe-T-Gard SG1

Condensate overflow alarm sounds a buzzer and flashes an LED when an overflow switch or condensate pump cuts the thermostat circuit. Works with most 24-volt overflow switches and pumps. Simple 2-wire design allows quick & easy installation. Comes pre-wired with 4-foot 18 AWG lead wires and 2-sided tape. Additional two-strand T-Stat cable can be used to locate the alarm anywhere in the structure. U.S. Patent 7,199,722.

Safe-T-Probe SP1P

Plenum rated electronic condensate overflow sensor switch detects rising water in A/C condensate drain pans and shuts off the system. Suitable for use in plenum spaces in most jurisdictions. Installs either inline in primary drains or plugged on secondary drain outlets. Reliable all-electronic design eliminates the need for floats or other moving parts.

Safe-T-Switch SS2AP

Similar to SS2 model, but with plenum-rated plastic and plenum-rated wire. Smaller, L-Shaped switch installs on auxiliary pan outlets and requires no plug. Installs easily in tight spaces and catches clogs in primary pan outlet nipples. Pre-wired with 4-foot 18 AWG wires. U.S. Patent 6,442,955.

Nu Line® A/C Condensate Drain Cleaner NL1 & NL2

Helps prevent A/C drain line clogs and water leaks by removing slime build-up and keeping drain lines open. Use it every three months to help prevent water damage and mold growth from clogged A/C drain lines.

Safe-T-Switch SS4

A reliable, long-lasting switch, specifically designed for plastic, slant side and lipped-edge drain pans. Features an adjustable mounting bracket that installs easily over the edges of these pans and locks in place.

The SS4 fits a wide variety of primary and auxillary pan designs, so it can be used for all applications. It is code compliant - tested to UL-508, uses a Magnetic Reed Switch and can be connected to either the red or yellow (thermostat) wire. U.S. Patent 6,698,215.

Safe-T-Switch SS3CT

normally-open condensate control switch, designed to work with communicating thermostats, the SS3CT uses the same reliable, long-lasting Magnetic Reed Switch found in other Safe-T-Switch models. It can be connected to the accessory wires of a communicating thermostat.


 The specially designed steel mounting bracket clips firmly over the edge of most pans. This slim-profile switch  can be installed on primary or auxiliary drain pans. It is code compliant - tested to UL-508, and can be installed off-center and still perform correctly. U.S. Patent 6,698,215.

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