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NOVENT® locking caps

NOVENT® locking caps seal standard Schraeder service valves on all central AC units and minisplits to help prevent refrigerant leakage. Novent provides dual protection with a single screw-on installation. Safe guard your AC system's efficiency and the environment from lost or accidental mixing of refrigerant gases. Help protect children from serious injury or death resulting from the inhalation of dangerous refrigerants.

Patented Novent Caps are precision machined from high grade brass surrounded by a protective aluminum shroud and can only be installed and removed with a special tool.

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Safe-T-Switch SS1

US PATENT NO.: 6,442,955

Model SS1

Low Voltage Condensate Overflow Shut-off Switch

Package Includes Components Shown Above.

Vertical Installation

Horizontal Installation



The Safe-T-Switch® Model SS1 detects down stream clogs in condensate drains and interrupts the thermostat circuit to shut off the unit before flooding occurs. Works with optional Safe-T-Gard® Model SG1 condensate overflow alarm. The Model SS1 installs inline at any downward slope from vertical to horizontal. It can also be installed on auxiliary pan outlets utilizing the plug included with the kit. PVC Tee body accepts a ¾-inch slip PVC stub or drain pipe with included bushing. Compact footprint fits well in sloped drains and tight spaces. Approved for use as a substitute for auxilliary condensate drains in jurisdictions where the International Mechanical Code applies.

Installation options include inline installation in primary condensate drains vertical or horizontal, auxilliary (safety) pan outlet installation with included plug and plugged installation on alternate primary drain outlets.

Design incorporates sealed, waterproof reed/magnet float switch technology with potted electrical contacts for reliable performance in wet environments. Float resets automatically and after the drain is cleared. Included 6-Foot lead wires are prewired and sealed requiring one electrical connection during installation – usually within the air handler electrical cabinet. 

Safe-T-Switch® is UL® Listed to comply with UL 508 and most applicable building codes. Safe-T-Switch® has been tested and listed for use in a 24-volt circuit at 1.25 amps 6000 cycles by Underwriters Laboratories®. 

Safe-T-Switch® Model SS1 comes complete with all fittings needed for installation on ¾" drains and threaded female pan outlets and a plug for installation on auxiliary drain pan outlets. Switch/cap assembly removes easily to facilitate cleaning or clearing of clogged lines. 

SPECIFICATIONS: 24 Volts A/C, 1.25 Amp GP Switching Current (Tested and Listed by UL® at 6000 Cycles - Inductive Load). Reed Component Device is Separately UL® Recognized at 2.5 Amps Max. Carry Current.

Schedule 40 PVC Slip Fittings Accept 3/4-inch Stub or Drain Line.

Package Includes Pre-wired 6-Foot, 18 Gauge Lead Wires, 3/4-inch Schedule 40 PVC Slip Plug, 3/4-inch Threaded Male X Slip Male Adaptor and 3/4-inch X 1-inch Reducer Bushing. 



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